Information you will need when we schedule your appointment:

Please have the model and serial number off of your unit as well as the engine if you are getting a service. This helps to ensure the truck has the correct parts needed for your unit. Without the correct information there will be an additional trip fee if the truck does not have parts needed.

**If your engine is made by the same manufacturer as the mower we should not need engine numbers. Example: Honda mower with Honda Engine.

Possible Model/Serial Number locations: 

Walk Behind: Tag is located at bottom of handles on a sticker or plate (could be under rear shield) or on the side of the deck shell. 

Zero Turn Mowers: Located on the side of the frame on a sticker

Lawn Tractors: Most are located under the seat on a sticker or plate.

Engine: Located on a sticker on side of blower housing or stamped in the block or on top of valve cover.

Please note cost of tune-up, basic repair, etc., is in addition to the Trip Charge.

Tell Us About Your Unit:

I understand that if my unit is unable to be repaired in the field CFS will send out their pick up and delivery truck to pickup unit. Prices for this service vary but I understand that a portion of the trip fee I have paid will be applied and I will owe the difference.

**Please note that the credit card you provide a service coordinator upon making your appointment will be charged for the TRIP FEE at the time you schedule appointment and will be held on file to charge for service/repairs at time of service. 

If you ask for an estimate your card will be charged upon approval of repairs. 

The Trip Charge is non-refundable unless appointment is cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. A service coordinator will contact you to set up your appointment.

By completing the appointment request page, you agree that the payment information you provide service coordinator will be used to process the Trip Fee once your appointment is made with a service coordinator and then the balance due at the time of service. You will be given an estimate if the technician finds more repairs that are needed other than a service or the needed repair you selected. If you decline needed repairs at time of service an additional trip fee will apply to return.

All information will remain confidential.
I will provide a credit card number to the service coordinator upon making my appointment. I authorize Clark Farm Supply Inc., to charge the Tripp Fee at that time and then the amount due for repairs at time of service to my credit card provided herein. I agree that I will pay for this purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.

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